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a bullet hell shooter

  • your ship can create a magic circle that will slow down bullets and enemy ship
  • after that you can turn that bullets into energy cube
  • collect energy cube to fill your missile energy
  • if you have enough energy, launch your homing missile to destroy your enemies

Video gameplay

Now, there is only one stage, but I planning to create 5 stages

Game mechanic

  • magic circle will drain your magic gauge
  • magic circle will slow down bullets and enemy ships
  • magic gauge will replenish slowly when you not using it
  • Destroy enemy in succession to gather combo and multiple your points
  • energy cube will fill your missile gauge and give you points
  • you can get hit 3 times
  • every time you get hit
    • your magic gauge will empty and your magic circle will automatically closed
    • all enemy bullets will turn into energy cube
  • after 3 times get hit, you will be forced to respawn and lost half of your points


How to play

you can customize control in the game launcher

Default control

  • Fire 1 = Z
  • Fire 2 = X
  • Fire 3 = C
  • Start = Space

Press [Fire 1] to shoot

Hold [Fire 1 ] to strife (slow movement, focus fire)

Press [Fire 2] to open magic circle

Press [Fire 2] again to close magic circle

Press [Fire 3] to shoot homing missile

Press [Start] to pause game


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win build demo.zip 51 MB
mac build demo.zip 54 MB


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